Diploma FAQ

How much is the course?

Payment in full and made at the time of enrolment $5990
Installments for 18 months of $360 per month, with the first payment being made at the time of enrolment

How do I pay?

Payments will be made via PayPal.   If financial assistance is required to complete the Diploma, students must make their own loan arrangements, ie personal loan.

How do I enrol?

Enrolments are taken online here

How do I learn?

All 20 modules are delivered via an online learning platform, the Diploma is self paced learning and will take approximately 18 months to complete.

What resources do I need to undertake the training?

A computer / tablet, online internet access and a printer are essential to undertake training.

Do I need to have any experience to enrol?

We recommend that students have completed Grade 12 or equivalent Australian secondary school qualification. It is your responsibility to determine if you are able to proceed with your studies based on your level of competence.

Do I have to be working in the Concierge industry to enrol?


How long will it take me to finish each module?

The time required to undertake these activities will vary between learners based on their experience. You will be expected to complete approximately 15 hours per week in your own time.

How long do I have to finish the training course?

All 20 modules must be completed.  The amount of time it will take to complete the Diploma of Personal Concierge Services will vary on how much time you allocate to your studies per week but is generally 18 months duration.

Do I have to finish all of the modules?

Yes, all modules must be completed in order to finish the course.

Will I get a certificate for each module I complete?

You will not receive a certificate for each module. Once you have completed the 20 modules, you will receive your Diploma. If you do not complete the 20 modules and withdraw from study, you will receive a Statement showing those modules that you have successfully completed.

What happens if I can’t get all of the modules finished in 18 months?

If you find that you are falling behind in your studies, please contact us and we can discuss your situation. We do recommend that you should try to allocate approximately 15 hours per week to your studies.

Will any face to face classes be offered?

No, face-to-face classes are not offered. All modules will be completed via the online learning platform.

Will I have access to a tutor/support?

Yes, you will be allocated an Executive Trainer when you complete your enrolment. They will be there to support you on your learning journey.

Can I get a refund if I stop studying?

A cooling off period of 14 days will be offered from your course commencement date. You may cancel your enrolment within this period and receive a full refund less a $150 administration fee.

After this cooling off period has elapsed, no refunds are provided. Discretion may be exercised by iCALM if you can demonstrate that extenuating circumstances led to the cancellation. Change of mind is not an acceptable reason for requesting a refund.