The Diploma

Diploma of Personal Concierge Services has been developed and is owned by Ambakem Pty Ltd T/A Institute of Concierge & Lifestyle Managers (iCALM).

This is the only concierge training of its type in the world and it is only delivered by iCALM. Each of our trainers are currently working as a concierge in their own business.

The role of a Personal Concierge has evolved in recent years as an external consultant working for a customer or multiple customers at any one time.

Diploma of Personal Concierge Services explores in greater depth the knowledge and skills to perform a variety of functions as a Personal Concierge through performing a variety of tasks on a clients’ behalf in a variety of workplace environments.  This course is intended to provide learners with the skills and knowledge to gain employment as a Personal Concierge.

Graduates of this qualification will demonstrate autonomy and judgment in changing contexts using specialised knowledge and skills for paraprofessional work. They will have a broad range of cognitive, technical and communication skills to select and apply methods and technologies to analyse information to complete a range of activities and to provide and transmit solutions to sometimes complex problems.

The Diploma contains 20 compulsory modules which cover a wide range of highly transferable learning outcomes.

Study Requirements

We recommend that students have completed Year 12 or equivalent Australian secondary school qualification. It is your responsibility to determine if you are able to proceed with your studies based on your level of competence. Further details are provided in our FAQs

Your Rights and Responsibilities

The Student Handbook contains important information about studying with and your rights and responsibilities. You must read this document before enrolling in this course. 

Duration and Delivery

The course is self-paced and will be delivered over a period of up to 18 months. Participants will be expected to complete approximately 10-15 hours per week in their own time.

This course will be delivered online through electronic media, and as such participants will need access to appropriate technology with internet connectivity.


The majority of assessments will be undertaken using our online learning platform

Course Fees

Payment in Full at time of enrollment – $5,990
Installments paid over 18 months – $360 per month (total payment $6480)

More training information can be found here.


Enrolment Form

Diploma of Personal Concierge Services

  • The date that you completed your Year 12 (or equivalent) Certificate
  • Attach a copy of the relevant document here.
  • Attach a copy of your additional qualifications
  • Please indicate the level and title of your highest completed qualification.
  • That I have supplied true and accurate information and that the provision of false or misleading information may effect my eligibility for this course.
  • I have read and understood the Student Handbook including information on my privacy, cancellation and refund provisions and other rights and responsibilities I have.
  • I have reviewed the relevant course information and have been informed of training and assessment required to complete the course.