Why hire a concierge?

iStock_000015101358SmallIf you have come this far, chances are you are super busy and looking for a solution to better manage your lifestyle. Let’s start with some of the most common reasons people are hiring a Personal Concierge.

More time, Less Stress

Who doesn’t want more time and less stress?  Engaging a Personal Concierge or Lifestyle Manager will enable you to choose how you spend your precious time.

Save Money

The cost of hiring a Personal Concierge or Lifestyle Manager will more than likely be less than your regular hourly rate, so you are already in front.  In addition, you will be more productive at  work as you will be more focused on the task at hand and no longer concerned about your outstanding tasks and errands.

Personal Service

Unlike online errand services, your Personal Concierge will be exactly that, “personal”.  They will come to learn about you, your family and your preferences and will ultimately be able to pre-empt your needs so that they will save you even more time.  Your Personal Concierge will quickly become an indispensable service leaving you to get on with the activities you would prefer doing, such as playing with your children, catching up with friends or focusing on your career.


Imagine being able to hand over your ‘to do’ list and know that everything has been taken care of by a professional.  A one-stop shop for any tasks or errand that you don’t have time to do, or simply don’t have the resources to manage on your own.  The convenience of being able to send one email or one phone call to cover a multitude of tasks is priceless.


While you may think it might be easy to ‘just do it myself’, quite often it will cost you more time and more money than hiring an expert.  Your Personal Concierge will have spent many months, even years, developing trusted relationships with every type of trade and service, thus ensuring you get the best product and the right price every single time.  No more searching on Google to find something that ‘might’ work.

Can’t my PA do it?

Maybe, but chances are they don’t have the expertise or the connections you require to manage your tasks in a timely and affordable way.  In addition, it is likely that your PA looks after multiple people therefore in order to remain ‘fair’, personal tasks requested by one boss will be frowned upon by others in the group.  Finally, they may need to be productive and chargeable for their own time to meet their business outcomes and KPI’s.

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