Code of Ethics

Each member of iCALM shall conduct their business with integrity and in an ethical manner to earn and maintain the confidence of clients, members and industry colleagues and the public, and to maintain the reputation of the Concierge and Lifestyle Management industry.

Members shall:

(a)   uphold at all times the standing of iCALM and actively encourage members to do the same;

(b)   protect the interest of members and industry colleagues;

(c)   engage in behaviour that will enhance the reputation iCALM;

(d)   demonstrate integrity and honesty in the performance of their professional duties and responsibilities;

(e)   not participate or condone any activities that are either illegal or unethical;

(f)   respect and not directly copy or plagiarize other members or industry colleagues marketing material, unique ideas, business names, slogans, branding, website (design or content) any other copy written materials that is clearly the property of another party;

(g)   respect the integrity of professional relationships and adhere to the ethical practices of clients;

(h)   not enter into agreement or participate in activities that are in conflict or appear to be in conflict with the legitimate interest of their clients(s);

(i)  always observe the confidential nature of information obtained while performing their duties;

(k)  ensure they maintain adequate insurance in accordance with the services they are providing and appropriate to their membership level;

(l)  not discriminate in their professional practice, on the basis of ethnicity, culture, impairment, language, age, gender, sexual preference, religion, political beliefs or status in society;

(m)  not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs which adversely affect the performance of their professional duties;

(n)   respect fellow members opinions and ensure that discussions between members that occur in the name of iCALM (ie social media groups or at iCALM meetings or events) will always remain confidential;

(o)   act honestly and fairly in all business dealings;

(p)   ensure that all contracts/terms of business with clients are clear, concise and honoured in full, unless terminated by mutual agreement;

(q)   maintain skills through commitment to continued professional development and encourage member and industry colleagues to do the same;

(r)  give professional opinion as objectively as possible when asked to do so and accept responsibility for advice given, actions taken and omissions;

(s)   promptly respond to any client complaint about the service provided and make every effort to resolve these complaints and grievances in good faith through reasonable direct communication and negotiation;

(t)   adhere to the Australian Privacy Act and New Zealand Privacy Act;

(u)  comply with the laws of Australia and New Zealand and operate within the spirit of these laws;

As a condition of membership of iCALM, I pledge to adhere to the Code of Ethics as set out above and ensure my personal conduct will positively reflect upon myself and iCALM.

A breach of these Code of Ethics may result in the cancellation of iCALM membership.

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